class of 2022!


I feel like I have been counting the hours to publish this page. The class of 2022 rep search has finally begun and I am so thankful for those of you who have even checked this page out so far! So lets jump right on in! So for those who are new to my page my names Ashley and I specialize in high school senior portraits! I LOVE making every single session unique, and going to locations that fit each individual Your session is completely customizable to YOU ! This will be my 6th year to have a rep team and I have learned so much each and every year from my amazing girls! Being on a rep team isn't just taking pretty pictures ( It's a huge part though :) ) It's about developing lifetime friendships, confidence and new experiences your senior year! Let's do a quick Q&A on what this year will look like! 

1. Whats included in Being a Rep?

Being a rep will include 2 styled shoots, the first being in late spring / summer the second being in February of 2022. In-between we will have multiple "mini shoots" celebrating holidays, sorority head shots, college t-shirt, cap and gown, Mothers Day, , and  just fun creative ideas you guys have or I have!

Also included is one "extra session" and one "local session" You will also receive extra digitals with each session. All sessions booked separately ( family or other minis) Will receive a 20% discount as well.

2. What am I looking for?

I am looking for 10-15 high school seniors who are unique and fun loving ! Those who are creative and also comfortable in front of the camera and excited to learn new things too! I am also looking for seniors with more flexible schedules to be able to attend sessions on week days and weekends as well! There is no requirement to which high school you attend, but must be able to travel to the League City / Friendswood area


3. What are some of the requirements?

Hey Pretty Baby reps are a representative of my company and the love I have for this community! Reps are responsible for having appropriate social media content. Reps are 100% not able to work/shoot with other photographers.


* PLEASE make sure your social media is on PUBLIC... if your page is on private I can not qualify you as a applicant ! I am looking for seniors who are active on social media *

4. What is the cost?

This year the rep fee will be $800

This will include all of the above and much much more! Payment will be due May 1st!

*There will also be a hair and make up fee charge for the summer session*


hair and make up is not required for any other session besides our first one!